new most interesting man in the world

Do you remember the most interesting man in the world? Yes, I’m talking about that hilarious 2007 commercial in which a man with the looks of a gentleman said that he didn’t drink beer frequently but, when he did, he drank Dos Equis? Well, things have changed and, due to the popularity of the ad and its recent boom as an Internet meme, there is a new most interesting man in the world. But, who is this guy? Who can replace Jonathan Goldsmith?

The new most interesting man in the world is called Augustin Legrand. He is responsible for saying the famous line now. There are few differences between both actors playing this role. Some say that Augustin’s performance is meant to attract the Hispanic consumers. Others say that, in fact, his performance is due to the fact that they want to portray their consumers, which are Hispanic.  

Despite its ethnicity, the essence of the ad remains: Augustin Legrand just hangs out within wild animals, watches sports on his suitcase and is in a place where giraffes wander around him like it was normal. 

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